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Make every purchase unique

When it comes to in-store experiences, customers enjoy making a purchase unique to them. With OKI Connected Print you can deliver that experience easily.

Take personalization to the next level

Female customer scanning a wine bottle with an augmented reality app from her smartphone in the aisle of a grocery store

Consumers Personalize

Make every purchase special with in-store customization. Go one step further with features like personalized water bottles, candles, giftwrap, menus, or event signage. You can enhance your product value and generate revenue with any customized item.

Custom printed retail poster advertising organic coffee hanging on the side of an interior vertical wood plank wall

You Print

You can easily and conveniently provide customers with personalized products printed in-store, creating a distinct personal association between customer and brand.

Customer using an augmented reality app to view special coupons and promotions in the aisle of a grocery store

They Engage

Customers can create a digital experience on merchandise through OKI Connected Print, making the most important people in their lives feel special. To create a follow-up experience, OKI Connected Print services can come with personalized instructions, guarantees, certificates of purchase, or receipts with specific coupons and promotions.

Female customer using a smartphone to scan custom printed packaging in front of a freezer in the frozen goods section of a grocery store

Increase Sales

When customers receive a personal experience you give them a reason to return to where shopping is meaningful to them, thus driving incremental sales.

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Experience the Future of Print

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In-Store Signage

Print and place signage in-store while providing customers unique digital experiences only OKI Connected Print can deliver.

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Managed Services

Get started quickly and easily with our reliable, high quality, and low maintenance printers all onsite from our OKI Connected Print team.

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Custom Solutions

Every business is unique with different needs. OKI Data has the capabilities to help you find the perfect way to utilize Connected Print for your goals.

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