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Are you looking to improve your overall customer experience and create added recognition for your most loyal and valuable customers?


So Ask:

Did you know that 90% of marketers using personalization report measurable lift in results*? When that personalization is attached to a form of gratification, like receiving a gift at the counter, upgraded access, or a note of thanks, it creates an even stronger emotional attachment to your brand.

OKI Connected Print Solutions can provide you with print pieces that dynamically engage customers and create a positive and personal experience. Here are just a few advantages that OKI Connected Print can offer:

At OKI, we have a reputation for meeting the unique demands of the hospitality, commercial, and retail industries. Plus, our media versatile print solutions can be customized to deliver the needs and goals of your business.

*Personalizing the Restaurant Experience by Emperity

Personalized Tumble Label 4” x 3”

Commemorative Ticket 4.25” x 11”

Temporary Adhesive Parking Sign 11.7” x 15.5”

$31.63 billion

is the amount global personalized gift sales are expected to reach in 2021.
Sports Industry to Reach $73.5 Billion By 2019 by Forbes

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