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Managed Services

Utilize the capabilities of OKI Connected Print with ease

Custom in-store signage promoting exclusive deals that was printed onsite, sitting on the counter of a coffee shop


Get started quickly and easily with our reliable, high quality, and low maintenance printers all onsite from our OKI Connected Print team.

OKI Data's managed services team presenting their capabilities to a prospective customer in a glass conference room


We have your business’s back; if anything goes wrong our team is available to you for troubleshooting and repairs. Our team can also deliver toner and other supplies directly as you need them.

Wine and spirit store associate using a smartphone to scan a wine bottle label to show a customer a digital promotional offer


Unlock the full potential of OKI Connected Print by speaking with a member of our team. They’ll help you find a unique solution for your business.

Customer using a smartphone to scan the QR code on a price tag hanging from a men's dress shirt in a retail store


Once you’ve decided how you want to use OKI Connected Print for your business we can help you produce everything you need to drive awareness, increase brand recognition and enhance customer engagement – all on-site with our on-demand print solutions.

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Experience the Future of Print

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When it comes to in-store experiences, customers enjoy making a purchase unique to them. With OKI Connected Print you can make every purchase unique.

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In-Store Signage

Print and place signage in-store while providing custoers unique digital experiences only OKI Connected Print can deliver.

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Custom Solutions

Every business is unique with different needs. OKI Data has the capabilities to help you find the perfect way to utilize Connected Print for your goals.

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We're here for all of your OKI Connected Print questions.

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