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In-Store Signage

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Engage customers beyond the shelf

With OKI Connected Print, it’s easy to always get the most out your business and signage. Be able to print and place signage in-store while providing consumers unique digital experiences only OKI Connected Print can deliver.

How OKI Connected Print can help your business

Custom in-store signage promoting exclusive deals that was printed onsite, sitting on the counter of a coffee shop

Print On-Demand

Have the ability to produce signage in-store and sell at the shelf’s edge. You can react more quickly to replace damaged signage, update local promotions, or manage frequent changes in product information or prices. Plus, you reduce waste – only print what is needed, in-store!

Printed in-store signage on individual clothing racks in the men's department of a local retail store

Save Money

OKI prioritizes solutions designed to save money and boost efficiencies. You can maintain accurate pricing, and maximize printing of POS to reduce cost of wasted signage in-store compared to a lower cost of distribution, and lower your carbon footprint at the same time.

In-store retail signage printed with OKI Connected Print advertising a 50% off semi-annual sale on women's apparel

Versatile Media Types and Size

Always have the right signage; whatever the fixture. The quality of print is as good as anything printed centrally, and our industry-leading LED printers and straight-through paper paths allow for printing on a wider array of media than competing laser printers. Our printers are adaptable for any of your needs: banners, table tents, menus, price tags and more!

Female customer using an augmented reality app on their smartphone to get recipe ideas in the produce section of a grocery store

Digital Experiences

Why spend more on costly digital signage when the same experiences can be delivered right on the shopper’s smartphone or handheld device? Finding the right print solution will help you centralize your printing while also opening the door to richer, more unique customer experiences that drive business. Utilize QR and binary codes in order to give consumers additional content with products in-store.

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Experience the Future of Print

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When it comes to in-store experiences, customers enjoy making a purchase unique to them. With OKI Connected Print you can make every purchase unique.

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Managed Services

Get started quickly and easily with our reliable, high quality, and low maintenance printers all onsite from our OKI Connected Print team.

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Custom Solutions

Every business is unique with different needs. OKI Data has the capabilities to help you find the perfect way to utilize Connected Print for your goals.

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